Dec 9, 2011

20 Facts About Me...

On twitter a few minutes ago and saw this "trends" thing and one of them caught my eye.

20 Facts About me...

1. I once had long hair, I chopped it off and now I regret it EVERYDAY!

2.I hate staying home when it rains. The sound the rain makes when it hits the roof, scares me o.O

3.I [internally] beat up a lot when I do bad in exams.

4.I hate when I drink too much, I vomit.

5.I can play drums.[Maybe not well, but that's what lessons are for...right? even though the teacher refuses there's lots more (y)]

6.My favorite movieS are:
 (i)A Walk to Remember
 (ii) Keith
And Basically the list goes on and onnn...

7. I am easily annoyed by people.

8. I am obsessed with stationeries.

9.My favorite colours are: Purple, Green, Pink and Turquoise.

10.I can't imagine a day without seeing my friends. Well except sundays, thats MY day to snooze.

11.I've been told I am addicted to the internet.

12.I make strange noises when I'm bored or simply cause I want to.

13.I have a green basket thing-ama-bob for my stationaries and I love it <3

14.I have a "thing" for guys with long hair.

15.I want a guy who can treat me like a princess.

16.I like guys who kiss good.

17.It's a drag to go lessons but my friends make it worth while. [Hence I love them more than they can imagine!]

18.I'm KINDA' OCD, but I won't admit it.

19.A few years ago, my cousin and I got high on "blue waters". I drink OASIS now =]

20. My mum's the greatest person in the world!

Writing about my self is so queer. I took 2 weeks to compose this.


Oct 31, 2011

Teen Chronicles [PART 2]

“We got the part!” they jubilantly announced!

Sarah and Sarya were anxiously awaiting for the results of those part-taking in the school’s play. They both auditioned for different parts and aced it. We were all excited and decided to go over to the shack to celebrate as we munch down some junk foods. On our way we bounced into Justin and Kyla. They recently got back together, co-incidentally we haven’t seen Justin around since the alternation occurred.  We chit-chatted for a couple seconds as Sarah invited them to the shack. Surprisingly Kyla accepted and tagged along. It was like the old days when we all hanged out, with the exception of Kyla though.

As the time went by, Justin was in and out of the group. Sometimes he spoke to us and on other days he just planed ignored us. We didn’t take it to heart as we just accepted it was the girlfriend influencing it. The one innocent, charming Kyla, was now the one responsible for us losing our dear friend. Over the weeks, we all visited the theatre where the twins rehearsed for the play. Nothing but enthusiasm and fun simply came out of it. Seeing them on stage was surely a delight, and the actual play would be breath taking, I thought.
Something got into Justin’s head and he took control. We all thought it unbelievable. Throughout the school rumors speculated. There was only one way to know the truth. Confrontation. I glanced the familiar green hoodie walking along the corridor and I knew it was Justin. I dropped my bag on the ground and hurried over.

“Is it true?”
“oh, you heard too?”
“It’s all over the school you dummy, how are you tho?”
“I’m relieved. Hey isn’t the twins play this Friday?”’
“Yeah, at 7”
“Urm… you wana go with me? I really don’t want to be alone on a Friday night, break up’s are rough but staying home on a Friday night is more rough”
“Sure, why not”

We continued to walk together and catch up. We soon approach the bio lab where I left for class and Justin went ahead to music class. That evening, when I reached home I called up Thomas and the twins to inform them that I did converse with Justin and all the gossip about the Kyla and Justin’s split was true as the ozone being depleted with all the toxins in the atmosphere. They all laughed at my queer chemistry joke then after a few minutes we all said goodbye. 

As I laid in bed I thought,
”Only one more week till the play…”  


Oct 13, 2011

Teen Chronicles [PART 1]


It's almost the last week of the semester as headed towards the English room for my last final.After biting my nails and eating 3/4 my eraser the words "Times up,Pencils down" echoed the room as I froze.Of course I studied however my teachers seem to make up questions that force you into writing the wrong answer. It's almost that they set the most difficult exams to MAKE you fail.Finally,the time that we've all been pining for as arrived,Summer.I walked to the lockers where I approached my fellow peers,Justin,Sarah,Sarya and Thomas.

Justin was attending the private school on a scholarship for Music & Arts.He plays his guitar whenever something was wrong but never in the eye of a stranger.Sarah and Sarya  were twins.Surprisingly,they taught us that being twins wasn't about being identical.They never really got along but loved each other neither the less.Thomas transferred to study Literature.He had a passion for old English.We all became friends about a year ago in P.E.We all despised it and got caught ditching.It landed us in detention.While doing our "time" we discovered that we enjoyed each other’s company.

Justin recently started crushing on this girl, Kyla. While she was outspoken and athletic, Justin was the opposite.He didn’t blurt it out however we caught him stealing glances of her on numerous occasions.It took a long time for the poor fellow to admit it. Kyla was nice to everyone. She’s the type of girl who will help you even if she doesn’t know you. After a couple months they became friends. Back and forth, Justin proclaimed his feelings, unfortunately Kyla wasn’t interested. In the process of rejecting him, she behaved oddly. She became a meanie! 

Despite her cold treatment, Justin continuously ran after her. Something about this girl had a lock on him. The gang and I were fed up seeing him hurt. We finally confronted him about the long overdue issue. Shock he was to realise what he was really putting himself through. He got a grip on himself n pulled himself back together. Kyla noticed that Justin’s first priority wasn’t her. Of course she got aggravated. Few weeks later after charming her way back into his life.

Was it for the better?....
[stay tuned for TC2 NEXT WEEK] 


Sep 25, 2011

Sense of Inferiority

Can one day pass when you don’t give your harsh opinions?

We’ve been friends since ages. I have adjusted to the person who you are, accepted your flaws, appreciated your uniqueness. However as of late something has changed. I’m not sure if you’ve always been like this or if I’m now realizing what was behind closed doors. Your so call “complements” have been somewhat bitter. Obviously you’re one of my closet friends and your excuse is that you simply want to be honest. Honesty vs. your friend’s feelings, you choose my dear…

At the beginning I accepted your sarcasm and turned a blind eye to those petty jokes. However you seem to think that just because I didn’t say anything its cause I didn’t take you on OR probably didn’t mind. I have news for you love. I DO take you on. I DO HEAR every single criticism. Finally, I DO feel a pinch in my chest every time you say your “funny remarks.” Why is it that everything I do, inferior to your liking? What’s the bigger picture that I’m not seeing! Is this suppose to make me stronger cause I’m weak?

Of course I’m weak towards you because I’m blinded by love and affection towards you. Honey, everyone has their limits. At present you’re really passing mines and pissing me off. I won’t lash out at you because that not who I am. I try my best to be the nice character in your story but you’re making it so difficult to be around you lately. Your remarks are becoming too much for me to handle. I don’t mean to come off as a brat but it’s growing into something that’s a bother towards me.

When I’m tearing it’s your job to replace that frown with a smile. It’s your place to help me make those memorable memories when we look absolutely stupid. It’s your place to run in the rain with me and say that’s what fun is. It’s your place to make me laugh at my faults and forget them while focusing on my benefits. It’s your place to build me up and not break me down day by day. I’m not perfect so stop waiting for that day to arrive.

….[sigh*] I’ll continue as nothing is wrong and continually forgive your hurtful words. Don’t blame me the day I say harsh remarks at you dearie…


Sep 20, 2011


People try their best to forget the horrible events they encountered in the past. Sadly, as time goes by reality kicks in and the incidents you thought you had “come to terms with” lashes out at you. The emotions felt are somewhat like being in a party with loud music but with a massive headache that just causes more irritability by the second.Unexpected, the curtains come up and it’s like I’m reliving those horrible moments with you in sight.

Is it my fault, then why do I feel like I am?

Is it because that constantly behind my back you whisper it, that I Am to blame but your too weak to hurt me directly. Hence you provoke me by hurting the only person I have, the only one I can trust, the only one I could probably ever love.With my world in your palms you pretend to be God and play me like a puppet.

Why must your harsh voice echo in my mind?

Even though years upon years have passed your tone of voice on that day has scared me for eternity. I wonder how you live with yourself. Getting up each morning waking up next to your “family” and thinking all’s well. You went through a rough time as well but shouldn’t you have been the bigger person to go down the right part? Who am I to judge You. For all I know I could be your reflection in time to come.  

Faking it

I get up each morning and say thanks I’m still with her and that I am her rock and she’s mine. Pretend that none of the sort had ever occurred. “It was all just a dream” I try to convince myself.
As the hot water drops on my face the memories of soaking her wounds with that same steaming water infiltrates my mind. Unfortunately, some water sneaks out from my eyes and I wipe them away.  Off to school with cloths on my back and a big fake smile that implies I’m fine.

No one knows what another person goes through because each individual is unique. They hurt differently as well as heal. However only that individual knows his/her true baggage…


Aug 21, 2011

Being Fear-less

Behind the charming smiles, enchanted eyes and confident amble, lies the truth. The truth to why those smiles were fake. The truth to why those eyes had to cry themselves to sleep through restless nights. The truth to it all.

The fact is she’s scared.

Scared of:
  •  Not passing exams
  •  Not being accepted to universities
  •  Not being successful
  •   Not being a daughter worth being proud of
  •   Not being a good friend
  •   Not being a good girlfriend
  •  Not a being good enough person
Let’s face it we all have such feelings at some point in our lives. We feel that we’re not going to be good enough to withstand the curve balls life throws at us. We feel that we’re not perfect enough to be noticed. We break promises. We destroy hearts and friendships. We try and try and in the end we sometimes fail or don’t get as expected. We feel helpless at times and simply want to give it all up. 
 Look into the future and she sits in her room reflecting on the memories she wished she had. As she’s studying and thinking of the future rather than enjoying the moments of being a kid, she misses her chance. All that’s left are “what ifs”Biting her nails, panicking in the exams, twitching in the examination room, she thinks of the path that has brought her here. Oh, such a dull road.

Coming to terms that I am afraid of the upcoming years of my life, I talked to a close friend. He told me I’m an idiot. Fact is I was being and idiot. I’m a kid who needs to enjoy my life as it comes. I can plan my life, just not the entire thing. Make sense right?  Obviously I insisted I needed some form of direction for my life. His comeback was to have mini goals and once those are accomplished plan some more. 


Jul 27, 2011

•••Dreams Vs. Goals•••

Every morning as we lay in bed we create a mental list about the things we want to achieve at the end of the day.On average, 87% of those persons actually complete that list leaving the other 13% with a little some thing called "unfinished business"

Each person has goals and dreams which they manufacture to accomplish. Similarly,some are contented and do overcome the hurdles and are successful while others laze around waiting for a miracle.The one's who aren't as motivated like to blame "life" for their failure.Sadly,they believe life is on the opposing side and loves to throw them curve balls.When in fact they should blame themselves for their misfortune.However goals and dreams aren't the same.Shocking?

By definition A Goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.In other words,when one makes an intention to gain something the end product is termed a "goal".On setting a goal one should decide what he/she really wants in the end and then work backwards in obtaining it.

A Goal should be:

2.Time bound

On the other side of the are the opposite of goals.Dreams.A Dream is a fantasy that cannot be pursued or obtained [a visionary creation of the imagination:by definition].Its not a problem to have these dreams but we must realise the fact that the chances are that they become reality are very slim.We shouldn't live our life hoping that our dreams come true.Sometimes we face the difficulty in not seeing the difference in them.We ideate that are "dreams" are goal and we fall short in achieving them leaving us aiding a wound of failure.

In a nutshell,we should have realistic dreams that lead to goals in the near future.Nothing is complete until hard work,dedication and sacrifice is made.


Jul 15, 2011

Mistakes Can Be Forgiven...Right?

♫♪▫▫▫♪♫It’s all my fault today,♫♪▫▫▫♪♫
♫♪▫▫▫♪♫I'm sorry for the way I was to you♫♪▫▫▫♪♫
♫♪▫▫▫♪♫It’s all so wrong you see and ♫♪▫▫▫♪♫
♫♪▫▫▫♪♫I'm sorry for the words I say to you♫♪▫▫▫♪♫
♫▫▫▫♫But if you ask me I will do anything for you cause baby I need you♫▫▫▫♫

Couple years ago you walked into my life.Surprisingly,in a short period you became my everything.Tangled up in you I was.Hearing your voice,first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to sleep.Talking for hours on the phone.Our senseless conversations.Watching late night  movie's together.V-chatting till the sun rose.Those were the time when reality took a back seat for a while and we were left to enjoy the moments.The moments that were timeless.Little did we know  that our expiration date was approaching.

Our time was over without even muttering the words.The signs were present tho we didn't pay heed.We thought things would work out as they always do.As the tide rose so did our patience wore thin with the unanswered calls and delayed replies to messages.Of course it wasn’t on purpose but we needed a breather from each other.Loyal you were to keep on trying to save our bond.However I was weak, and it showed when I called quits on you.A lot of things can go wrong in a relationship tho it's how you solve the matter that determines the rest the relationship.
                   BUT it takes two persons to work it out...No?
I admit sadly that you were the bigger,better person between us.You tried your best to stick it out with me and in the end I wronged you and put all your hard work to vain.Due to my carelessness I put you through a lot.I can't take back how I hurt you but I can assure you that with our new friendship we'll make it through.This time upon realising what I had lost I'm sure I won't let you walk out that door again.That is the consequence upon realising what you had when it walked away and trying your best to obtain it again.


Jul 4, 2011

Does A Broken Heart Ever Really Mend?

Once upon a time,people believed in love...

Before words were spoken,He drew her hearts,
Before telephones were created,He wrote her love letters,
Before cars were invented,He walked miles to see to her,
Before door bells were introduced,He threw pebbles at her window.

Then worlds were spoken for expression,
Then telephones were created for communication,
 Then cars were invented for transportation,
Then door bells were introduced for attention.

After words were spoken,He said mean words to her,
After telephones were created,He called his next girlfriend,
After cars were invented,He drove to the bar,
After door bells were introduced,He rang all the doors in the neighbourhood.

In years to come He will realise...
No words would express his heartbreak,
No one will answer his calls,
No car will carry him around the world,
No door will open with opportunities.

Finally,He would realise what he had and pine for that which he can never have again...


Apr 16, 2011


I must confess over the past four years I’ve seen good people, bad people and unimaginable people. 

  Never would I have guessed you were a unique monster whose purpose was to destroy. We all invited you in with welcome arms when you were left to sit alone. We made you one of us in a short period of time. We made you apart of our little family. Without a second thought, we accepted you with all your perfection along with your flaws.  At no time did we expect nothing in return rather than trust and friendship from you.

  Little by little you divided us so when your plan of action was to commence you shall be victorious. Congratulations, phase one was successful. You poisoned innocent minds. Your victim unfortunately didn’t want to believe what was happening at the beginning. She stood by you, protected you and portrayed what a real friend should be.

   Sadly at present, she cries night after night upon hearing your hurtful speech.  Such hurtful, nasty words roll of your tongue one after the other. Do you even care? Doesn’t it click in your stone heart that the way you treat her is wrong? If it doesn’t I really don’t know what kind of dreadful human being you are!

  Going through life is hard. To make this road trip more enjoyable we surround ourselves with amazing people to make us smile each rough day. We call these people our friends and best friends and the list goes on. Along with these people we gather the “haters”, the people who make the most difficult of days simply more unbearable. Finally we equip ourselves with those “fake friends”, those haters who disguise themselves as our friends just because of their selfishness.

  Can’t believe such people exist! [-.-”] They exist to make life more complicated and just confusing BECAUSE they have nothing better to do with their lives. At least that’s my thought on it. Seriously, “who takes the time to build some one up then just destroy them with the blink of an eye?” 

  To my dear “imitation friends” please note this well, but true friendship can withstand the strongest of storms. The hurt you have caused the innocent shall be avenged by justice. 

***:::... [Don’t get angry when the monster you created don’t follow your orders, it’s been programmed by the creator]:::..

...:::[Best friends don’t exist because no one is perfect]...:::*** 

•▪▪▫▪▪•I'll always be there for you☺ •▪▪▫▪▪•

Apr 10, 2011

Unkown resident...

Every so often "the one" comes along and your heart skips a beat once more. Frighten to admit and face the facts that ...I think I've fallen for you. 

It's funny how it happens in a second or just over a simple conversation with the words, "I missed you"

Holding my breath as butterflies infiltrated my tummy. As if you were present, next to me, my pores rose, with the vision of you wrapping your warm arms around me, holding me tightly and safely. If only my night time dream could come true.
Do you remember that night you told me you missed me? I do, like remembering the route home. I never looked at you in that way before. However like the lightening signals thunder and rain, I took that as a relationship blossoming.

Thou as time went by, I realized that I misinterpreted you. I didn't know you were still torn up about her. Hurt and alone I consulted my best friend who taught me I should just be there for you. Taking his advice, i stood by you making you laugh and reconnect the old you. Once again I misunderstood you. The more I tried  the more it seemed to backfire on me. You became sad at times and won't even talk to me about it. I wish we could go back to the time where you would have opened up to me and I would heal your wounds.
"Time heals all wounds"
You may not know my dear, but you have crossed my wall. Unknowingly, you are  present in my heart at the moment. I hope you realize what you mean to me before it's too late...


Mar 8, 2011

Love or Lust?

Once upon a time fairy tales existed. Love at first sight caught our eye. Initially "love" wasn't just a word. It was a passionate, affection towards another person. It wasn't just about the physical traits. It was deeper than the ocean depths. Initially "love" wasn't just a word. It was a passionate, affection towards another person. It wasn't just about the physical traits. It was deeper than the ocean depths and could not be imitated easily. 

  Unfortunately, times have changed and the customs of yesterday have been cliqued to fit the “modern” day lifestyle.  “Us” kids take for granted what we commit to.  
       [“I hear you ‘dealing’ her?”    “he is just a ‘fling’ ”    “I am with the both the both of them to see who I get gain “IT” from”] 
  Isn’t that how SOME of the youths think today? Do you want to know how they developed this mentality?  I blame the society in which we live in and also the kids themselves who are easily influenced by the crowd.
How come almost ¾ of the relationships between teens end in heartbreak, suicide and sadness? Teens believe they are “ready and mature” enough to be more than friends with the opposite sex. Personally I find no fault in that however who are we to determine when we are ready? Do we ask our parents, our family members or our peers? No one knows my dear readers. No one… 
When love hits us, it’s like being hit by a bus. “An unexpected rush of “floating on air
  Another thing about love to take into consideration, love does not just happen in a split second. Bonds between persons must be formed and the infatuated feeling does not just go away after some days or after a simple rejection. It’s also a build up attraction to someone over a long period of time.  Don’t go around collecting hearts to put into a jar for show. If you care for someone a lot make sure what you are doing is the right thing for both parties not just for our beneficial.
When it’s love you just know folks…