*glances at things in my room….looking for my identity*

I am not a professional writer.
 I am not a know it all.
 I am not perfect.

However ,
I am up for new things hence I’m exciting?
I have a soft spot for those in need hence I’m thoughtful and caring?
I look at the bright side of things hence I’m positive?

Words are letters put together to mean something. In IT (information technology) we call this information, when they have meaning and data when it doesn’t make sense.

Back to the first line…*searching for my identity*

I am not sure as to what my purpose it at the moment since my life changes by the day. At present I’m a student, soon to write exams. Then possibly head off to university (*fingers crossed*)
As for my writing, it has become somewhat of a hobby. I’ve only started writing early of December ’10.
I’m also involved with charity work (member of a nun-profitable org. to help families in need of assistance), dance and swimming. I watch a lot of tv and addicted to the internet and music(*what’s new*)