Sep 16, 2012


I would like to revive the blog with some shocking turn of events that has occurred over this weekend.

Firstly, I would like to apologize for not having written in ages. Been quite busy with exams and well catching up in being a lazy teen. I do regret not writing more about every thing that has happened; the good and the bad. However, I needed to write THIS one out to settle my mind. Overflowed with thoughts and emotions I needed some sort of "pre-closure" [if that is a real thing] before the actual soon to be closure between us.

For the soon to be gone guy in my life I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely Thank You for the following:- 
-Taking me to the movies
-Being at each Graduating ceremony
-Telling/Showing that your proud of me after achieving some sort of accomplishment
-Dropping me to school or lessons or simply by one of my friends
-Taking us on family trips
-Waking up at nights to make sure I was okay when I have a nightmare
-For ensuring I was prepared for a new day
-Taking me on amusement park rides because I was too scared to go alone
-For teaching me how to ride a bike and roller skating
-Spending the weekend where it was all about us
-Making mum smile when she needed it the most
-For being there when mum was sick 
-For being present at family gatherings so no one would watch me awkward and ask, "Hey, where's your dad?"
-For wiping my tears when I cried after getting buffed from mum
-For carrying me fishing because even though I wasn't enough you tried to make me enough for you
-For buying me all the toys I ever wanted
-For not having other kids

Yes, Thanks for NOT doing all of the above. I definitely know that when you're gone permanently I won't have daring memories to keep me up at nights crying because just like your presence at home, it would be gone eventually.However, Thanks for filling my 18 years of life with utter bs thinking that one day, You would've changed and come back to us. 

Unfortunately, Time waits on no one, certainly not for assholes like you.

Hope your new family is worth it all, Dad, time and all the luxuries.


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