Feb 2, 2011

My missing puzzle piece

  Have you ever gotten up one day and it's like "trouble knock'n on your door? It seems like as soon as one problem is resolved another rings the door bell. Well my friends, your not alone.☺  I know everyone has their bad days and thinks no knows what your going through. Unfortunately, we ALL face the dark side of the world. It's never going to be bright and sunny with rainbows decorating the luminous sky now is it? No matter how much we try to live good,befriend everyone and avoid enmity some fool has to come and prove what a fool "He/She" really is. 
  Some one you thought would be there has abandoned you forever. You wish you never see them again but yet  they are constantly on your mind. You wish that some one brings them up so you could just talk about them. I really wish you could have lived up to your responsibilities and be a real dad.However we're suck in this great big world together. Sadly I crave to go back  to the past where the happy times were and relive them to the fullest. As it turns out, they were limited.  

 ☺[[[Some thing to think about...cherish your family readers...]]]☺