Dec 9, 2011

20 Facts About Me...

On twitter a few minutes ago and saw this "trends" thing and one of them caught my eye.

20 Facts About me...

1. I once had long hair, I chopped it off and now I regret it EVERYDAY!

2.I hate staying home when it rains. The sound the rain makes when it hits the roof, scares me o.O

3.I [internally] beat up a lot when I do bad in exams.

4.I hate when I drink too much, I vomit.

5.I can play drums.[Maybe not well, but that's what lessons are for...right? even though the teacher refuses there's lots more (y)]

6.My favorite movieS are:
 (i)A Walk to Remember
 (ii) Keith
And Basically the list goes on and onnn...

7. I am easily annoyed by people.

8. I am obsessed with stationeries.

9.My favorite colours are: Purple, Green, Pink and Turquoise.

10.I can't imagine a day without seeing my friends. Well except sundays, thats MY day to snooze.

11.I've been told I am addicted to the internet.

12.I make strange noises when I'm bored or simply cause I want to.

13.I have a green basket thing-ama-bob for my stationaries and I love it <3

14.I have a "thing" for guys with long hair.

15.I want a guy who can treat me like a princess.

16.I like guys who kiss good.

17.It's a drag to go lessons but my friends make it worth while. [Hence I love them more than they can imagine!]

18.I'm KINDA' OCD, but I won't admit it.

19.A few years ago, my cousin and I got high on "blue waters". I drink OASIS now =]

20. My mum's the greatest person in the world!

Writing about my self is so queer. I took 2 weeks to compose this.