Apr 16, 2011


I must confess over the past four years I’ve seen good people, bad people and unimaginable people. 

  Never would I have guessed you were a unique monster whose purpose was to destroy. We all invited you in with welcome arms when you were left to sit alone. We made you one of us in a short period of time. We made you apart of our little family. Without a second thought, we accepted you with all your perfection along with your flaws.  At no time did we expect nothing in return rather than trust and friendship from you.

  Little by little you divided us so when your plan of action was to commence you shall be victorious. Congratulations, phase one was successful. You poisoned innocent minds. Your victim unfortunately didn’t want to believe what was happening at the beginning. She stood by you, protected you and portrayed what a real friend should be.

   Sadly at present, she cries night after night upon hearing your hurtful speech.  Such hurtful, nasty words roll of your tongue one after the other. Do you even care? Doesn’t it click in your stone heart that the way you treat her is wrong? If it doesn’t I really don’t know what kind of dreadful human being you are!

  Going through life is hard. To make this road trip more enjoyable we surround ourselves with amazing people to make us smile each rough day. We call these people our friends and best friends and the list goes on. Along with these people we gather the “haters”, the people who make the most difficult of days simply more unbearable. Finally we equip ourselves with those “fake friends”, those haters who disguise themselves as our friends just because of their selfishness.

  Can’t believe such people exist! [-.-”] They exist to make life more complicated and just confusing BECAUSE they have nothing better to do with their lives. At least that’s my thought on it. Seriously, “who takes the time to build some one up then just destroy them with the blink of an eye?” 

  To my dear “imitation friends” please note this well, but true friendship can withstand the strongest of storms. The hurt you have caused the innocent shall be avenged by justice. 

***:::... [Don’t get angry when the monster you created don’t follow your orders, it’s been programmed by the creator]:::..

...:::[Best friends don’t exist because no one is perfect]...:::*** 

•▪▪▫▪▪•I'll always be there for you☺ •▪▪▫▪▪•

Apr 10, 2011

Unkown resident...

Every so often "the one" comes along and your heart skips a beat once more. Frighten to admit and face the facts that ...I think I've fallen for you. 

It's funny how it happens in a second or just over a simple conversation with the words, "I missed you"

Holding my breath as butterflies infiltrated my tummy. As if you were present, next to me, my pores rose, with the vision of you wrapping your warm arms around me, holding me tightly and safely. If only my night time dream could come true.
Do you remember that night you told me you missed me? I do, like remembering the route home. I never looked at you in that way before. However like the lightening signals thunder and rain, I took that as a relationship blossoming.

Thou as time went by, I realized that I misinterpreted you. I didn't know you were still torn up about her. Hurt and alone I consulted my best friend who taught me I should just be there for you. Taking his advice, i stood by you making you laugh and reconnect the old you. Once again I misunderstood you. The more I tried  the more it seemed to backfire on me. You became sad at times and won't even talk to me about it. I wish we could go back to the time where you would have opened up to me and I would heal your wounds.
"Time heals all wounds"
You may not know my dear, but you have crossed my wall. Unknowingly, you are  present in my heart at the moment. I hope you realize what you mean to me before it's too late...