Jul 27, 2011

•••Dreams Vs. Goals•••

Every morning as we lay in bed we create a mental list about the things we want to achieve at the end of the day.On average, 87% of those persons actually complete that list leaving the other 13% with a little some thing called "unfinished business"

Each person has goals and dreams which they manufacture to accomplish. Similarly,some are contented and do overcome the hurdles and are successful while others laze around waiting for a miracle.The one's who aren't as motivated like to blame "life" for their failure.Sadly,they believe life is on the opposing side and loves to throw them curve balls.When in fact they should blame themselves for their misfortune.However goals and dreams aren't the same.Shocking?

By definition A Goal is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.In other words,when one makes an intention to gain something the end product is termed a "goal".On setting a goal one should decide what he/she really wants in the end and then work backwards in obtaining it.

A Goal should be:

2.Time bound

On the other side of the are the opposite of goals.Dreams.A Dream is a fantasy that cannot be pursued or obtained [a visionary creation of the imagination:by definition].Its not a problem to have these dreams but we must realise the fact that the chances are that they become reality are very slim.We shouldn't live our life hoping that our dreams come true.Sometimes we face the difficulty in not seeing the difference in them.We ideate that are "dreams" are goal and we fall short in achieving them leaving us aiding a wound of failure.

In a nutshell,we should have realistic dreams that lead to goals in the near future.Nothing is complete until hard work,dedication and sacrifice is made.


Jul 15, 2011

Mistakes Can Be Forgiven...Right?

♫♪▫▫▫♪♫It’s all my fault today,♫♪▫▫▫♪♫
♫♪▫▫▫♪♫I'm sorry for the way I was to you♫♪▫▫▫♪♫
♫♪▫▫▫♪♫It’s all so wrong you see and ♫♪▫▫▫♪♫
♫♪▫▫▫♪♫I'm sorry for the words I say to you♫♪▫▫▫♪♫
♫▫▫▫♫But if you ask me I will do anything for you cause baby I need you♫▫▫▫♫

Couple years ago you walked into my life.Surprisingly,in a short period you became my everything.Tangled up in you I was.Hearing your voice,first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to sleep.Talking for hours on the phone.Our senseless conversations.Watching late night  movie's together.V-chatting till the sun rose.Those were the time when reality took a back seat for a while and we were left to enjoy the moments.The moments that were timeless.Little did we know  that our expiration date was approaching.

Our time was over without even muttering the words.The signs were present tho we didn't pay heed.We thought things would work out as they always do.As the tide rose so did our patience wore thin with the unanswered calls and delayed replies to messages.Of course it wasn’t on purpose but we needed a breather from each other.Loyal you were to keep on trying to save our bond.However I was weak, and it showed when I called quits on you.A lot of things can go wrong in a relationship tho it's how you solve the matter that determines the rest the relationship.
                   BUT it takes two persons to work it out...No?
I admit sadly that you were the bigger,better person between us.You tried your best to stick it out with me and in the end I wronged you and put all your hard work to vain.Due to my carelessness I put you through a lot.I can't take back how I hurt you but I can assure you that with our new friendship we'll make it through.This time upon realising what I had lost I'm sure I won't let you walk out that door again.That is the consequence upon realising what you had when it walked away and trying your best to obtain it again.


Jul 4, 2011

Does A Broken Heart Ever Really Mend?

Once upon a time,people believed in love...

Before words were spoken,He drew her hearts,
Before telephones were created,He wrote her love letters,
Before cars were invented,He walked miles to see to her,
Before door bells were introduced,He threw pebbles at her window.

Then worlds were spoken for expression,
Then telephones were created for communication,
 Then cars were invented for transportation,
Then door bells were introduced for attention.

After words were spoken,He said mean words to her,
After telephones were created,He called his next girlfriend,
After cars were invented,He drove to the bar,
After door bells were introduced,He rang all the doors in the neighbourhood.

In years to come He will realise...
No words would express his heartbreak,
No one will answer his calls,
No car will carry him around the world,
No door will open with opportunities.

Finally,He would realise what he had and pine for that which he can never have again...