Teen Chronicles...


It's almost the last week of the semester as headed towards the English room for my last final.After biting my nails and eating 3/4 my eraser the words "Times up,Pencils down" echoed the room as I froze.Of course I studied however my teachers seem to make up questions that force you into writing the wrong answer. It's almost that they set the most difficult exams to MAKE you fail.Finally,the time that we've all been pining for as arrived,Summer.I walked to the lockers where I approached my fellow peers,Justin,Sarah,Sarya and Thomas.

Justin was attending the private school on a scholarship for Music & Arts.He plays his guitar whenever something was wrong but never in the eye of a stranger.Sarah and Sarya  were twins.Surprisingly,they taught us that being twins wasn't about being identical.They never really got along but loved each other neither the less.Thomas transferred to study Literature.He had a passion for old English.We all became friends about a year ago in P.E.We all despised it and got caught ditching.It landed us in detention.While doing our "time" we discovered that we enjoyed each other’s company.

Justin recently started crushing on this girl, Kyla. While she was outspoken and athletic, Justin was the opposite.He didn’t blurt it out however we caught him stealing glances of her on numerous occasions.It took a long time for the poor fellow to admit it. Kyla was nice to everyone. She’s the type of girl who will help you even if she doesn’t know you. After a couple months they became friends. Back and forth, Justin proclaimed his feelings, unfortunately Kyla wasn’t interested. In the process of rejecting him, she behaved oddly. She became a meanie! 

Despite her cold treatment, Justin continuously ran after her. Something about this girl had a lock on him. The gang and I were fed up seeing him hurt. We finally confronted him about the long overdue issue. Shock he was to realise what he was really putting himself through. He got a grip on himself n pulled himself back together. Kyla noticed that Justin’s first priority wasn’t her. Of course she got aggravated. Few weeks later after charming her way back into his life.

Was it for the better?....
[stay tuned for TC2 NEXT WEEK] 


“We got the part!” they jubilantly announced!

Sarah and Sarya were anxiously awaiting for the results of those part-taking in the school’s play. They both auditioned for different parts and aced it. We were all excited and decided to go over to the shack to celebrate as we munch down some junk foods. On our way we bounced into Justin and Kyla. They recently got back together, co-incidentally we haven’t seen Justin around since the alternation occurred.  We chit-chatted for a couple seconds as Sarah invited them to the shack. Surprisingly Kyla accepted and tagged along. It was like the old days when we all hanged out, with the exception of Kyla though.

As the time went by, Justin was in and out of the group. Sometimes he spoke to us and on other days he just planed ignored us. We didn’t take it to heart as we just accepted it was the girlfriend influencing it. The one innocent, charming Kyla, was now the one responsible for us losing our dear friend. Over the weeks, we all visited the theatre where the twins rehearsed for the play. Nothing but enthusiasm and fun simply came out of it. Seeing them on stage was surely a delight, and the actual play would be breath taking, I thought.
Something got into Justin’s head and he took control. We all thought it unbelievable. Throughout the school rumors speculated. There was only one way to know the truth. Confrontation. I glanced the familiar green hoodie walking along the corridor and I knew it was Justin. I dropped my bag on the ground and hurried over.

“Is it true?”
“oh, you heard too?”
“It’s all over the school you dummy, how are you tho?”
“I’m relieved. Hey isn’t the twins play this Friday?”’
“Yeah, at 7”
“Urm… you wana go with me? I really don’t want to be alone on a Friday night, break up’s are rough but staying home on a Friday night is more rough”
“Sure, why not”

We continued to walk together and catch up. We soon approach the bio lab where I left for class and Justin went ahead to music class. That evening, when I reached home I called up Thomas and the twins to inform them that I did converse with Justin and all the gossip about the Kyla and Justin’s split was true as the ozone being depleted with all the toxins in the atmosphere. They all laughed at my queer chemistry joke then after a few minutes we all said goodbye. 

As I laid in bed I thought,
”Only one more week till the play…”