Apr 2, 2012

Midnight/Early Morning Tales [Part 1]

  Bored one night, I asked my good friend to relate to me a story.
This is what he wrote…

"So there was 3 pigs right
And 3 other mafia pigs
The 3 pigs had owed the mafia pigs some money
But they didn’t want pay cuss they were fed up of the mafia pigs bullshit
So the mafia pigs hire this goon wolf name Wolfy
To do a hit on one of the pigs so the others will pay
Went to the 1st house
This house was made out of weed
So wolfy was like "pig you home?"
"Open de door"
Then pig was like "not by the hair of my chinny chin chin"
So wolfy was like "hear this nah you owe my boy mafia pigs some money and I’m here to collect"
Pig was like "come thru nah big man!"
So wolf huffed and puffed
And smoked the entire weed house
So the pig run and gone by his brother
The wolf now
As a mother fucker
Gone by the 2nd house
He said "pig why you run bro?"
Pig was like "idk ask your mom"
Now the 2nd house
Was built out of erm
Frozen ice cream
So wolf end up eating to house trying to get to them
And came down with a serious case of brain freeze
Which gave the 2 pigs time to run to their brothers house
So when wolf wake up he was high and his head was hurting him
So he went to the airport
Fly to Africa
Went and train with kony and his children army
And learn how to use a sniper rifle
He jump back on a plane
And went to the 3rd pig house
And was like "so pig this how it hide be, I see how it is, I try to play nice eh"
Then the pigs
Who were in the last house
Which was made out of concrete cuss the 3rd brother had a brain unlike his brothers
They was all calm and mellow
Because they had some weed left over from the 1st pig house
And they were high an shits
So wolf now went up San Fernando Mountain
And look through their window and shoot all 3 with one bullet
The end"

                                            Just for a laugh…                                                           
Related [not written; simply edited] by: Amethyst 

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